The Arthur I. Platt Company

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- Tool Clips - Made in the USA

We are also your source for Stainless Steel Binder Clips. - to our knowledge, the only such clip available in this material

We now offer Ski Lift Ticket Holders - available in large or small quantities

The Arthur I. Platt Company
For over 60 years Manufacturer of the original Finger Grip® Adjustable Tool Clip....

Finger Grip® Adjustable Tool Clips

Made from .025 x 3/8" Nickel Plated Spring Steel, treated to a Rockwell of C42-46.

Holding capacity and tightness are easily adjusted by tightening or loosening the mounting screw.

Stainless Steel Tool Clips

Made from .035 x 1/2" TY302 stainless steel

Gripper Clips

Available in: 
Spring Steel
Zinc Chromate, gripping legs coated with black plastic 

Spring Steel
Bright Zinc with Chromate Dip

polypropelene plastic

Stainless Steel Binder Clips

17 - 7 Stainless Steel Body
302 Stainless Handles 
Heat Treated

Ski Lift Tag Holder for use with adhesive backed lift passes

Made from 0.048" galvanized wire.


A convenient, yet accessible storage for mops and brooms. mounts adhesively to side of refridgerator.

About Us



Arthur I Platt Company

The company was founded by Arthur I Platt in the early twentieth century, circa 1929.  While serving in the military during World War II, Arthur I Platt met William Szoke who came to work with Arthur after the war. 

In 1947, the Arthur I. Platt Company was sold to William Szoke, Marge Rosza and Jim Stokes.

William Szoke's son John began working for the company in 1968 at which time was located in Fairfield, Connecticut.

John Szoke acquired the company in 1986 and remains at the helm to this day at its current location in Milford, Connecticut.

Along with his wife Peg and their four children,  three generations of the Szoke family have contributed to the success of The Arthur I. Platt Company.